Some of the more common answers to questions about the password reset portal are answered below. If your question isn't answered here then please call the Student Helpdesk on 834 8800, extension 7000

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Cell phones and emails

The password reset portal sends you a security token as part of the reset process, Wintec will only send these tokens to phones or email addresses we have on record against your account. If you haven't given us your up-to-date details we cannot send you a token.

The reset portal will first try to send the token to your cell phone but if we don't have your cell phone number on record it will try your personal email address. This is the email adress you gave us when enrolling so normally this isn't your Wintec email. If you haven't given us either you can not use this portal but you can still change you password by contacting the Student Helpdesk on 834 8800, extension 7000. After you have done this you can update your information via My Learning so that next time you will be able to use the portal.

About Tokens

During the password reset process you will hopefully have received a text or email message containing a random string of letters. This token is required to reset your password. If you didn't get a token please contact the Student helpdesk

Password Criteria