Common questions and answers about Student Password Reset.
If your question isn't answered please contact ITS Service Desk Support on 0800 494 6832

All students must agree to the Student Computer Use Policy.

Which phone number or email address do I use?
  • The phone number or email address were given by you when enrolling to Wintec. This is your personal email, not Wintec email.
  • If your contact details are not correct, please contact Wintec ITS via or phone: 0800 494 6832
    • Afterwards, please make sure to update your current details via Student Portal, so then you can use this website next time.
How do I use the Token?
  • During the password reset process you will receive a text or email message containing a random set of letters.
  • This token is required to reset your password. If you didn't get a token:
    • Check your junk email folder
    • Check your phone number or email address is correct
    • If you've done both of the checks above, contact Wintec ITS Support
  • Tokens only last for a duration of 10 minutes
  • Tokens contain six letters
  • Tokens can only be used ONCE to change your password.
  • There are no zeros, lowercase "L"'s, ones, or special characters.
  • It doesn't matter if you enter the token in uppercase, lowercase or a mixture.
  • Please don't tell anyone else what your token is. They could use it to hack your account.
What is the password critera?
  • Must be at least 12 characters in length
  • Cannot use the same password as any of your previous 3 passwords
  • Cannot contain your name
  • Must contain: Uppercase letters (A, B), lowercase letters (a, b), and numbers (1, 2) or special characters (%, $)
What is my student email address?